September 2022: SiX By SiX, featuring Ian Crichton (Saga), Nigel Glockler (Saxon) & Robert Berry (Hush, 3, Ambrosia, ...)

Ian used Guitar Resonators on various tracks.

August 2015: Guitar Player Review GR-1 and GR-Junior II by Michael Molenda


November 2014: GR-1 now available in chrome/silver finish and a new Basic Foot Controller is now included

The GR-1 will be available in silver/chrome finish too by the end of november. It has the same functions and performance like the traditional black one. As an additional feature, the GR-1 will be shipped now INCLUDING a new Basic Foot Controller. The Advanced Controller with metal (die-cast) enclosure will still be available separately.
New Collection: GR-1 with silver/chrome finish and new Foot Controller

Januar 2014: Some easy home recordings

Setup: Stratocaster, Dunlop CarbonCopy Delay and JTM45 clone with PPIMV and 4x12 Cabinet at nearly bedroom level. Amp not visible on the video, its behind the cabinet with PC cabeling, DI box etc. The audio track is a mix of 20% iPhone original from the video and 80 % re-amped track added later (you can still hear the switching from the iPhone mic record). For re-amping the JTM45 output has been recorded with a simple DI-Box into a Laptop. A speaker simulation had been added later to cut the high frequencies of this DI track.

Link to Youtube, Song example with the GR-1, published 7th Dec. 2014

Simple home recording with the GR-1 Media Player
Home Recording JTM45 with load box, Fender Strat with Arbiter Fuzz Face recorded DI and speaker simulator, played at home: Feedback with Vibesware GR-Junior II Media Player

September 2013: GR-Junior II released


The GR-Junior has been developed further! Model II is available now. It takes all approved functions of the GR-Junior. The new design offers a robust Hammond diecast zink enclosure like the GR-1. Response time and sensity could be improved further. Model II replaces the old one by now.

+++ Please check out videos with full range loudspeaker ! +++

Equipment: The Strat output has been splitted into a small guitar amp and a USB soundcard for PC recording of the dry guitar signal. The guitar amp has only been used for monitoring at a very low sound volume. Normally unable to create feedback (which is perhaps typically for home recording options).

Video: with iPhone 3, original sound track from the iphone microphone has been replaced later by a virtual re-amped track (using the dry guitar signal into AmplitTube VST plugin in Audacity).

Its a quick and easy demo without any mastering (no noise reduction, no compressor etc. have been used).

The target was to create a realistic raw sound of a turned up guitar amp with its dynamics, frequency response AND feedback. That is the reason why we more focused on low distortion sounds.

Link to Youtube, Example 1: How to play with the GR-Junior, published 4th Nov. 2013
Link to Youtube, Example 2: How to play with the GR-Junior, published 4th Nov. 2013
Link to Youtube, Example 3: How to play with the GR-Junior, published 4th Nov. 2013
Link to Youtube, Example 4: How to play with the GR-Junior, published 4th Nov. 2013
Link to Youtube, Example 5: How to play with the GR-Junior, published 4th Nov. 2013