Artists/CD's published

2022: SiX By SiX Debut release, featuring Ian Crichton (Saga), Nigel Glockler (Saxon) & Robert Berry (Hush, 3, Ambrosia, a.o.). Ian used Guitar Resonators on various tracks.
2016: Rui Nagai with Vibesware GR-1

2016: Return to Forever by Brian Johnston (with Vibesware GR-1): Media Player
2014: Saga released their 21th studio album SAGACITY, with Vibesware Guitar Resonators on various tracks.
2013: Borna Matosic (Meridian Mind) recorded "THE DIVE" featuring the GR-1's playing options including the Foot Controller. DI recording with FractalAudio Axe-Fx II and ProTools: Media Player
Uli Jon Roth started playing the GR-1 in 2008. He gave us invaluable suggestions for the GR's development: Play Benediction Media Player

Uli Jon Roth North American tour 2012, using the GR-1 on stage. Since 2008 Uli is playing the GR-1 live with a customized footcontroller

2008: "Under a Dark Sky" released, where the GR-1 has been used on several tracks. "Benediction" shows distinctive overlay feedback in low distortion leads.

2008: Uli Jon Roth with the GR-1 on Rock of Ages

2012: Saga released their 20th studio album 20/20. Ian applied Vibesware Guitar Resonators on various tracks. His setup now also includes a special new model which is directely connected to the guitar amplifier.

2009: Ian Crichton played several tracks on Saga’s new album with the Guitar Resonator. Avalon is an example for clean sound feedbacks.

2011: Niko Tsonev from Steven Wilson Band started playing the GR-1 using it in the studio on several tracks
2011/2012: Kee Marcello released "Redux Europe" featuring "Girls from Lebanon" recorded with the GR-1 and the Footcontroller Media Player

2010: Kee Marcello applied the GR-1 at several songs on his new CD recorded at GEM Studios in Gothenburg.

Roine Stolt added Vibesware GR-1 in his live setup for The Flower Kings - Banks Of Eden 2012 Tour

2012 Håkon Storm-Mathisen published a solo cd, ZINOBER. It has been recorded in rainbow studio, famous for many ecm albums, including Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny, Jan Garbarek a.o. "This is a typical folk-like tune I guess you can find something quite similar in several countries in Europe. The perspective is provided through the ...
... background which was made using the truly innovative Vibesware Guitar Resonator system. For the background, I used an ordinary Gibson Custom Shop ES335 through the GR-1 into a Fender 70’s Twin reverb. I recorded three layers of backgrounds in the studio for panning, I can do the same thing live with a looper" Play Sample of Soldatsang: Media Player

Niklas Turmann with GR-Junior II
2011: Crystal Breed’s debut CD released. Niklas Turmann: Guitar and Vocals, Play sample of "Lies" Media Player

March 2012: Flickenchilled ... so seltsam das ... Performance Studios Frankfurt a.M. 2012, Germany, eingesetzt wurde der GR-1 Media Player

2010: Roy Z started playing the Guitar Resonator. It has been used at several songs on his studio recordings.

2009: Maximilian Rosati playing the Guitar Resonator in R&B Recording Studios

2008 First Recording Studio Applications with the GR-1